My extraordinary experience

I had the luck of meeting an extraordinary being the other day. It was such a high. I’ve never met anyone like him in my life. People are born into different sorts of experiences, social classes, cultures, and social circles. And you see, we were both born into drastically different ones of each.

I’m going to assume and contribute that explanation as to why he seemed so extraordinary and out-of-this-world. I may have seemed different to him as well. In fact, he told me that I seemed different to him. But I refuse to believe that the impact he has had on my psyche is not the more overpowering one.

Maybe I was pleasant… maybe I reacted differently… or talked differently than what he had experienced before. His presence itself, however, was different than what I had ever experienced before.

I met him during a time of turmoil in my life. Lows everywhere. During this time of turmoil, I was shaken to the core by his therapeutic banter. The details of my encounter will remain untold, simply for the purposes of owing  someone else the privacy they deserve.

I was the one to seek him out. It was an interesting set of circumstances and I cannot believe my audacity. Hereafter is my banter on everything that blew me away.

This guy did not stop talking. I’m always curious about other people’s daily lives and how they are feeling, but I keep in mind to always be conscious about their privacy as well. Likewise, I remained conscious in not asking him question(s). Once we settled down to sit in an unnamed place, he started his babble on his own. It was the most exquisite and different sort of babbling. One sentence made me want to cry out of admiration for him while the next made me laugh out loud because of how silly it sounded. Then the next would make me hate him for his loss of faith in the world. As time went on I could not believe my senses. What I was hearing and what I was seeing was so darn interesting.

Like I said, I did not have to ask him any questions. Before I was even able to form sentences in my mind to appropriately ask a question because of something he had just said, this man would make eye contact with me and answer the question that went unasked.

I felt like a cat transfixed by a yarn dangling off of a doorknob.

Too many vague sentences here. I know. The problem lies in my limitation of not having the right to violate someone else’s personal experience(s).

Next, I MUST emphasize on my understanding of this man’s relationship with women. While he shows respect and care in the most charming and chivalrous of ways, he holds much hatred and sadness for women, in general. I cannot decipher a man’s full psyche in the matter of one encounter, of course. I may be off on so many different notes as to why he is the way that he is.

But I only feel the most intense amount of sorrow when I consider what he must’ve gone through in having his hopes and trust on one half of the world broken.

Women like to idolize their fathers and seek out another soul who reminds them of this loving, protective figure present in their life from birth. The parallel rings true for men. Men seek out their mother and sister in the woman they want to place beside their throne. This man… He cannot compare a single soul to both of these figures (his mother and sister) because he holds them on such high pedestals, fitting for the Gods.

I could see the hatred in his eyes. I could hear the despair in his voice. Every time that he spoke of another woman other than his mother and sister, there was nothing but disdain in him for their character. It broke my heart to witness this despair.

A world without hope is not a world of mine.

We held onto our differences in how we view the world throughout our time together. Mine is coated in a hued  saran paper while his lies raw, unprotected in front of him. The good and bad are there in all of their monstrosities. He can fully explain to you just how messed-up and hypocritical your mind is right after holding out the door and pulling back your chair as a gentleman would. I can too. I can do that to you. But I won’t and I don’t. I imagine that, like me, many others feel anxiety in their hearts in accepting the ugly truths of hypocrisy in and around all of us because there is nowhere to turn as soon as you do. Forget others, how will you face yourself?

That’s the thing. That’s what bothered me and enthralled me the most. The absence of a filter in him. I don’t plan to see him again. But that is a matter of my own complexity despite the high which I received.

Maybe the name of this post should’ve been An Unfiltered Man, but I’ve already decided, and my experience shall forever be remembered as an extraordinary one.

Adios, my viewer.


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