We all have a writer within us. Almost all of us, unfortunately.

As long as you are physically capable of forming clear thoughts inside of that big beautiful head of yours, you have a writer within you.

Now that that’s been said and done, let us move on to the dramatics you read on the title before coming down here.. Do you ever read over your writing from even just a couple of months prior? Are you not absolutely horrified?

I honestly read over my last post here a few minutes ago and wanted to puke. How horrendous. The superficiality, the crave for attention, the misuse of words. All of it makes me sick.


In Retrospect, is that not the point of it all? Why must we stop ourselves from even attempting because we are dreading that future self who will want to puke over past accomplishments?

Have faith. Only after experiencing failure and mediocrity will you reach the great heights your past self was dreaming of. In my case, I compare my written works from time to time. Your case could range from playing the ukulele to growing potatoes.

Simply make sure to never give up. Because you’re worth it. You’re worth all of


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